Galleri Artilleri
Antipattern (spaghetti and meatballs) Uke 47

Skulptur: Murstein og olje på lerret.
Fanzine: 16 sider.

"Edward stella is a solitary guy. He has his distinctions, but nothing worthy of mentioning. One ordinary Monday, or Tuesday, Edward goes to the store to buy a new pair of socks. All his other socks were dirty. On his way, he gets interrupted by a beggar. He hands him his last coins. And so he could not afford to buy a new pair of socks."

"In 1908, an asteroid or comet bigger than your school sped straight toward Tunbuska, Siberia, in Russia. It was moving so fast that it exploded in mid-air. The super-hot blowout burned thousands of acres of forest to the ground. No one was hurt. People were shaken up. One man was knocked off his chair."

Thomas Thomsen (born 1986) from Stavanger, just finished his BA at Bergen National Academy of Art and Design and is currently undergoing a one year scholarship residency at USF Verftet, Bergen.

Tore Winsents (born 1985) is a student at Bergen National Academy of Art and Design were he is finishing a BA degree in Fine Arts.